Robert O’Block reports: Live blog of Zimmerman trial

Reported by Robert O’Block.


Robert O’Block has found an online blog posting the latest developments in the Zimmerman trial. Mark O’Mara, George Zimmerman’s defense attorney, claims the THC (active ingredient in marijuana) found in Trayvon Martin’s system the night of the shooting will help back up Zimmerman’s story. George Zimmerman, who called police after he noticed Martin in the neighborhood, stated that Martin looked suspicious and appeared to be “on drugs.”

This trial will continue to be one of the most controversial cases … Continue Reading

Robert O’Block’s Whodunit-McGee Mystery

Brought to you by Robert O’Block.

Robert O'Block Whodunit

Another one of Robert O’Block’s groundbreaking Whodunits. This one features the Bull McGee Mystery. Published December 17th, 1981.


Robert O’Block: Staged Kidnapping and Rescue Gone Wrong

Robert O’Block reports that Kyle Dube of Orono, Maine, was recently charged with the murder and kidnapping of 15-year-old Nichole Cable.  According to the police affidavit, Dube lured the teen out of her home by creating a fake Facebook account, attempting to stage her kidnapping and rescue because he wanted people to see him as a hero.  Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and he ended up killing her.  Cable was missing for a week before her body was found in a wooded area of Old Town.

Based on the affidavit, Dube had wanted to kidnap and hide Cable, … Continue Reading

Robert O’Block: Texas explosion displays failure

Robert O’Block reports that the explosion at a West, TX fertilizer plant last month  draws attention to the flaws of a U.S. federal law that was meant to save lives in chemical accidents, according to a Reuters investigation.  This particular explosion injured around 200 individuals and killed 14.

This federal law, known as the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act, compels businesses to advise emergency responders about the dangerous chemicals that are kept on their properties.  However, this is where the law stops, even when businesses abide by it.  Once the paperwork is done, it is then up … Continue Reading

Robert O’Block: Our Executive Summit 2014 is Taking Shape!

Robert O’Block announces that Executive Summit 2014 is coming together and the details will be publicized soon! It promises to be the best ES yet!
The goal of the annual Executive Summit is to bring together top professional leaders. Hosted by the American College of Forensic Examiners International, the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security, the American Psychotherapy Association, and the American Association of Integrative Medicine, the Summit is an extraordinary, multidisciplinary event that brings together professionals from the forensics, homeland security, psychotherapy, and integrative medicine disciplines with the common goal of learning. Attendees have the unique opportunity to network … Continue Reading

Margaret Bond, MBA, CISM, CHS-V

Ms. Margaret Bond brings to the board over 30 years of experience in information technology, information security, and compliance. She developed, implemented, and currently directs the Information Security and Compliance program for IASIS Healthcare LCC and its 17 hospitals, which are located across six states. Bond is an active member and a certified information security manager with ISACA, previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. Bond received her master’s degree in information security from the University of Fairfax in 2009, a Master of Business Administration from Bristol University in 1989, and a bachelor’s degree … Continue Reading

Gary Bloome, CPA, Cr.FA

Gary Bloome has owned his own certified public accounting practice in Florida for more than 10 years. He has focused on various aspects of forensic accounting with a concentration on business valuations for business sales, divorce, and trust and estate purposes. He is a certified public accountant (CPA), certified by the ACFEI as a forensic accountant (Cr.FA), certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) by the AICPA and has an Accreditation in Business Valuation (ABV) by the AICPA. He is a competitive long-distance runner, completing over 40 marathons.

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Eugene Robert Bertolli, OD, FACFEI, CHS-V, CMI-V

Dr. Bertolli is the cofounder of the Forensic Optometry Division of the ACFEI. He is an adjunct speaker at the Connecticut Police Academy for the Medical Aspects of the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test for DUI enforcement. He has done numerous presentations about forensic vision science for military surgeons, optometric physicians, first responders, emergency department physicians and law enforcement. He is involved with several professional organizations including the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Association of Optometry, Connecticut Division of the International Association for Identification, and the Medical Reserve Corps.

Brought to you by Robert O’Block.

Robert Andres, LSP, FACFEI, DABFE

Robert Andres is a graduate of Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. He joined ACFEI in 1994 and was named a Fellow of the College in 2001. The founder of Oshex Associates, Inc. and a practicing safety and noise control engineer since 1974, he is a Certified Safety Professional, Certified Plant Engineer, Certified Manufacturing Engineer, Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Examiners and professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE-USA). He currently serves as a consultant and trial expert specializing in noise measurement/control and machine … Continue Reading

Larry Adams

Larry Adams of Boone, Iowa, is an examiner of questioned documents and a forensic consultant. He has been a licensed investigator since 1969. He is a consultant in security printing and counterfeit documents. Mr. Adams is a court-qualified expert witness. He graduated from Boone Junior College, attended CE School of Commerce and Drake University, and completed courses in forensic document examination at Georgetown University. He attended a seminar on paper for document examiners at the Institute of Paper Chemistry and has attended many seminars and conferences on forensic science, document examination, investigation, and security printing.


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